Never Again Shall We Submit

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One-stop shopping for all your elfy needs
Welcome to Arlathan, the free home for all the elves of Thedas!

We are the last of the Elvenhan, and never again shall we submit!

All elves welcome, Dalish, City, Magey, or otherwise. As long as it's got pointy ears, it's welcome.


(we've got some rules around here)

It's assumed that since the game is rated M, that some fan media may contain adult content. And that's just fine by me, the steamy bits are more interesting. However all posts considered NSFW must be marked so, and hidden behind a livejournal cut. An alternative? Link the site, post the NSFW heading.

Some people are pretending to work, k?

All community works are fan media and are in no way affiliated with Bioware or EA Games.

To the moderators' knowledge, no community member is profiteering from their fanmedia in any way.

Appropriate posts

Obviously, any character discussion or challenges/contests. Create a new DA:O community? Feel free to pimp that too.

+ Your own stories (long, short, multi, drabble)
+ Fanfic recommendations
+ Requests
+ Slash is welcome here
+ Steamy bits are also welcome, if not blatantly encouraged

All fanfiction must be placed behind a LJ cut when posted, and use appropriate headings.

I'm just going to go with the fanfiction.net ratings system, something most of us are at least familiar with and easy to follow. So: K for everybody, K+ for some harder stuff, T for violence and sexual situations and M for explicit violence, sex, and other adult themes.

+ Your own work
+ Link to another's work
+ Icons
+ Requests
+ Resources

Please do not repost any work shared here without asking the creator first.
The above stands for all work posted.

+ Your own edited videos
+ Links to DA:O content

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