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Dragon Age fanfic - "Vhenan Aravel" -updated

Summary: This is an ongoing fic starting with the City Elf origin. I didn’t intend to write the origins story when I started this fic in what is now Part 3, but I started a few chapters to fill out the characters and background, and here I am with a much larger story than I intended. I’m letting the story unfold on its own, so apologies for the vague summery. Feel free to leave criticism. This particular chapter focuses on the elf’s unique origin story.

Series: Vhenan Aravel
Author: eatenbydragons
Fandom: Dragon Age (Origins and beyond)
Parings: m/f, m/m (not giving away characters)
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Adult situations and themes, NSFW

Dragon Age is a dark fantasy, and I do continue on those themes then take it to my own extremes. There is graphic sex, mostly m/f and m/m with a few other variations. I would also add that not all sex is sexy, nor is it indented to be.

Themes that will be seen in the fanfic are violence, references to rape, prostitution, abortion, slavery, dub-con, way too much angst, adultery, depression, and so on. Feels a little like the Princess Bride, doesn’t it? “Fencing, fighting, torture, revenge, giants, monsters, chases, escapes, true love, miracles…” There is all that including love and happiness, but be prepared to suffer the lows.

1.2.1 Married Life

Or go here for the chapter list:

Chapter List

Tags: alarith, alienage, cyrion, fanfiction, nsfw, shianni, soris, tabris
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