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Fic: Survivors

Title: Survivors
Author: debb
Rating: PG13
warnings: None
Word Count: 7214
Pairing: None so far
Summary: The Grey Wardens begin their recruitment at the Circle Tower and find that it is in no state to offer help.
Author's Note: Somehow this chapter turned into "The Morrigan and Theron Show". Even I have no idea how. Note this is how I played my game, dumped Morrigan when I found Wynne as I was running low on healing potions. I admit, I did kind of rush some of the end parts, so if anything doesn't read right or there's typos, point them out to me. And smack me for writing when I'm tired and in pain and liable to make mistakes.
Split into two seperate lj entries as it turned out to be huge.

Previous Parts: Part 1 Part 2

(It takes them a week to get to the tower.)

(There are bodies of templar and mage alike.)
Tags: alistair, fanfiction, mahariel, morrigan, rating: k+, tabris
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