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Vir Lath Sa'vunin Updates

Lenna and I have decided to do these posts once a week so as not to spam the comms. If you want to read chapters as they come out, check out [community profile] peopleofthedas every Tuesday and Sunday! Otherwise, we'll post links here each Tuesday. :)

: Vir Lath Sa'vunin
(We Love One More Day)
Rating: T (Language and Violence)
Authors: [personal profile] twist_shimmy and [personal profile] lenna_nightrunner
Summary: When their parents died, Tesni Mahariel was left to raise her brother Caerwyn with the help of the rest of their clan. True to their penchant for getting into trouble, Caerwyn and Tamlen went hunting one day and ran afoul of a mirror, of all things. The next thing Tesni knew, Caerwyn had been recruited by the Grey Wardens. As if she’d let some shemlen just take her brother away! Determined to keep Caerwyn safe, Tesni goes after them, and antics ensue. She’ll stop the Blight to protect her family, Caerwyn will help--grumbling all the while--and Alistair will do his best to bond with his tattooed and bristly new brethren. When all is said and done, the blurred lines between friendship and blood bonds will draw them down a path that will change all three of them forever.

[Chapters Seven and Eight]- Everyone needs saving, but no one comes out unscathed.
[Chapters Nine and Ten]- The only thing worse than the walk to Lothering is actually making it there.

An AU gen fic featuring two Mahariel Wardens, one bastard prince, and lingering ghosts.
Tags: alistair, fanfiction, mahariel, wip
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